• Bagus Made Arjana Universitas Dwijendra


In general, each region or ethnic group will have a work of architecture in the area. The work of the architecture can be a legacy of the previous generation or generated by the generations that existed at that time, either architectural works created or produced by the local / local generation as well as the architectural works left by immigrants who once ruled the area.Following the journey of a nation will be found is a relic of his main relic in the field of architecture from one time / era to the next time / era in the form of traces of his architectural journey through the period or era. If considered from the journey of architecture in Indonesia generally and in Bali in particular will be obtained works of architecture in the era or era experienced.Based on that, the era or period experienced in Bali can be divided as follows: Pre-History, Hindu Culture, Islamic Culture, Colonial / Colonial, Independence and Global or Modern Age. From each era will leave a work of architecture that describes the journey of architectural development that exists in Bali.To reveal the travel architecture is the author only sourced on data obtained or downloaded from the internet.Keywords: architecture, Bali.

Author Biography

Bagus Made Arjana, Universitas Dwijendra
Dosen pada Program Studi Arsitektur, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Dwijendra, Denpasar.


Sutaba, I Made. 1980. Prasejarah Bali. Gianyar: B.U. Yayasan Purbakala Bali